#THIRSTI africa

There is a massive water crises currently occurring throughout Africa, where hundreds of millions of people are suffering due to a lack of clean and safe drinking water, as well as due to facing the worst drought in three decades. One of the most severe problems in Africa is poverty, and the two greatest causes and contributors to poverty consist of drought and a lack of clean drinking water.

Women and girls bear the burden of walking miles at a time to gather water from streams and ponds, these are often full of waterborne diseases that make them and their families incredibly ill, which has a negative knock on effect resulting in less time spent earning an income or getting an education.

It has been said that ''Access to safe water is fundamental to the development of any community. Safe and reliable water restores hope and unlocks potential.'' Having access to clean water has the ability to improve education, health, poverty, and hunger. The drought has mainly affected farmers in Africa as their crops have failed massively in the last two harvests, it is estimated that 30-40% of all corn crops will fail this year whilst food prices continue to soar, making it incredibly difficult for poor families to make ends meet or to live off their own land. 36 million people in Southern and Eastern Africa now face hunger. The main effects brought on by drought consist of hunger and famine, thirst, diseases, wildfires, wildlife, social conflict and war, electricity generation, and migration or relocation.

The campaign The team at Thirsti are aware that if you are given the opportunity and the platform to make a positive difference in the world, then you have the responsibility to do so. Thirsti's newest campaign goes by the name of #thirstiAfrica and aims to diminish the negative effects caused to those living with no access to clean drinking water, or in drought stricken areas by providing them with access to clean, safe water. But we need YOUR help to do this.

Across all major shopping centers in the country, we have placed large water stands which, trust us, you won't be able to miss! These stands will be stocked full of EMPTY Thirsti Africa bottles, to find out the relevance of this you have to make your way to our nearest water stand, or watch the video explaining the campaign on this website, and how you can take part.

30% of the proceeds from all water sold during the #thirstiAfrica campaign will go towards providing water, and sustainable fresh water systems to areas in Africa who are in dire need of water relief due to the general lack of clean water and the drought.


The empty water bottles are a symbol of the drought and the lack of drinking water available to millions in Africa, the goal of this campaign is to do our bit in changing this negative issue. In order to get the campaign off the ground we need YOU to get involved on your social media accounts!

How it works:
On arrival at one of the #thirstiAfrica water stands, you will pick up an empty bottle and our campaign video will automatically play for you. This video will explain the issue and how our campaign plans to go about bringing positive change. With the empty bottle in your hand, it is now your choice to notice the issue and help out, you can do this by purchasing the empty bottle for a small fee of R10, with all proceeds going towards the #thirstiAfrica campaign.

Competition time with Facebook and Instagram:
Once you have taken the first step and bought your empty bottle, it is now up to you to start thinking outside the box and start snapping away for our photo competition. Take a photo of yourself or your friends filling up your #thirstiAfrica water bottles, be sure to make it as funny, crazy, and outside the box as you would like and post it under the #thirstiAfrica. Once you have posted your picture on social media you need to hand back the bottle you filled up so Thirsti can distribute this water to the areas in need. The best post will win a water tank for an underprivileged school or community of their choice.